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The telecommunications in Jersey relate to communication systems in Bailiwick of Jersey, which is a British Crown Dependency off the coast of Normandy, France.



Jersey is incorporated into the UK National Telephone Numbering Plan, using the following area codes:

Fixed line[edit]

Fixed PSTN lines in use; approx 57,700 (2009).[citation needed]

Mobile cellular[edit]

With over 120 mobile phone masts, in 2012,[2] spread across its 119 km2 (46 sq mi) area, the island has a phone mast density almost five times that of the United Kingdom as a whole but similar to any urban area.

Telephony system and infrastructure[edit]


Jersey Telecom:


Mass media[edit]


Digital DAB+ broadcasts started in Jersey on 1 August 2021.[6]

Radio broadcast stations[edit]

Radio receiver adoption and usage[edit]

Not available


Television broadcast stations[edit]

Cable television[edit]

Satellite television[edit]

Television set adoption and usage[edit]

Not available

Internet service providers (ISPs)[edit]

Postal services[edit]

Postal operator[edit]


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