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I am writing on behalf of a free online education project to see if we can get permission to use small images of Liberal Democrat MPs to illustrate articles on them.

The images would be of a maximum of 300 pixels wide. (we can convert).

Thank you for your help


Dear XXXX,

Thank you for your request. We are happy with you using images of Liberal Democrats to illustrate your articles. Do you already have the pictures or do you need us to email them to you? Are there any MPs you are interested in in particular?

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

Kind regards,

Lena Pietsch Senior Press Officer

Dear Lena

Thank you for your help. We don't have any images of Liberal Democrats at the moment. We are particularly interested in Charles Kennedy and other members of the Liberal Democrat shadow cabinet. We would also like images of Simon Hughes and London Assembly members if that is possible.

Previous party leaders would also be appreciated.

Is there anywhere we can download the images from? If not, could you email them to me?

Thank you again



You are able to download photos from our webpage at They should also be available on the Extranet. Please let me know if there is anyone you can't find and we will try to help!

Kind regards,